What Not to Do

Now, check out the list of what to avoid during a photo shoot for dating sites:

  • Photos on the carpet (especially bright or from the times of the Union). First, such pictures are visually unattractive. Secondly, you will inevitably get lost against the backdrop of a colorful canvas. Thirdly, it looks tasteless. messy canvas.
  • Chaos in the background. A beautiful dress, hairstyle and makeup do not fit in with the mess. Often people miss this moment and end up losing potentially good shots that are irretrievably spoiled by the mess in the background.
  • Pictures in the toilets. We hope that there are no comments here. And don’t think about taking pictures in the toilets, even if it’s a five-star hotel.

And yes, in the future it is quite acceptable to post-process images to achieve the best possible results. At the same time, remember that photos with minimal retouching should also be present in your profile.

Answers to the most popular questions

Question: How to choose the right photos for a dating site?
A: It’s best to post pictures that make you look the most like you in real life. Here we are not talking about pictures in a dressing gown and curlers. This means the absence of excessive retouching, too bright make-up that distorts appearance and vulgar clothing.

Question: What photo to use as an avatar in WhatsApp, social networks and dating sites?

Answer: For messengers, you should choose pictures that clearly show your face, that is, a portrait (up to your shoulders or waist). A full-length photo is also acceptable, but it is more relevant for dating sites and social networks. By the way, try to use different photos in instant messengers and social networks in order to present yourself as diversely as possible.

Question: Should the photos be with or without makeup, studio or lifestyle?

Answer: You can try all the options by adding studio and everyday shots. This will positively affect the formation of the first impression of you.

Question: Which photos should not be used and why?

Answer: We do not recommend posting photos with ridiculous (failed) faces, photos of pornographic or too explicit content (unless you have a specific goal, of course), and also in swimsuits (although you can test here). Also, do not post photos with friends and people of the opposite sex (the person who is interested in you may draw the wrong conclusions).

Question: How many pictures should be posted on a dating site?

Answer: Add about 10-15 diverse photos. If you are a woman, then post some of the most successful studio shots, 5-7 photos from everyday life, in which you broadcast your femininity. Remember that too modest a number of shots will not fully demonstrate all your strengths, and too much will definitely tire you.

Q: How much does a photo session cost?

Answer: The price of a photo session depends on the chosen photographer and the cost of his services. Also, the price is affected by the time of renting a photo studio (if you decide to conduct a studio shoot) and the cost of 1 hour.

You can find out more about the price of a photo session for dating sites here.

Question: Why do I need a makeup artist for a photo shoot?

Answer: It is important to understand that a successful photo shoot is the result of the teamwork of a makeup artist, photographer, stylist and model.
Makeup and styling are necessary to create an image, correct skin imperfections, and sculpt the shape of the face. The makeup artist will emphasize your strengths and hide your flaws. Remember that a professional camera during a photo session will highlight all the colored spots and bumps on your face, even those that are not visible in real life.