Interesting ideas for photography with a car for all occasions

And now we invite you to get acquainted with the best ideas for a photo shoot with cars of various types: sports cars, limousines, SUVs and simple economy class cars.

Black and white shots with a car

Black and white photography has always been and remains popular. In the case of a photo shoot with a car, it is better to take such pictures against the backdrop of city streets, flat roads outside the city, dilapidated buildings or garages.

By the way, you can take a series of photos on different topics and make a black and white collage out of them. With the right approach, it will look at least unusual and creative.

Vintage style

For a photo shoot in vintage style, it is important to choose a retro car, otherwise the idea will not be fully realized. This image is very popular among couples in love or newlyweds. A vintage-style photo session is often carried out when shooting a “love story” on the eve of the wedding.

When preparing for a shoot, remember that clothing, hair, and make-up must match the era of the vehicle.

Shooting with a pickup truck

Many people associate pickup trucks with American farmers and cowboys, so they are best suited for performance in frames of the corresponding style. You can take as a basis, for example, a haystack, a gas station, a bar, or something close to a similar theme.

At the same time, it is better to dress in jeans and a simple checkered shirt made of natural fabric, cowboy boots and a wide-brimmed hat. Girls dressed in long sunny dresses, during a photo shoot with a pickup truck, can let their hair down and pick up wild flowers collected in a bouquet.

Photo with a limousine

An expensive foreign car will decorate any photo. Girls for a photo shoot with a limousine can wear evening dresses or chic fur coats in order to emphasize the luxury of the image. Expensive jewelry, glasses, handbags and other similar props are also perfect for such a shoot.

Shooting with a sporcar

When planning a photo shoot with a sports car, girls should choose a short T-shirt, shorts or a leather biker suit in the wardrobe part. A man can simulate in frames a scene in which he is fiddling in a car or changing a tire, being next to the car or leaning against it.

Original photos are taken against the backdrop of a convertible car: the model can pose while standing inside or next to the car.

Photo shoot with special equipment

The most interesting and to some extent humorous (depending on the plot) are photographs of young people taken against the backdrop of special equipment. Tractors, loaders, bulldozers and even asphalt rollers are all great for creative photo shoots. In general, use your imagination, and you will have a unique chance to get truly original pictures.

Ideas for a photo shoot with a car for a couple

In the car photo shoot we are considering, couples in love can move into a movie scene and imagine themselves as movie characters playing out a storyline. Here are some ideas:

  • Rich and famous. This is an imitation of a successful couple dressed in expensive classic clothes. It is best for a girl to prepare an evening dress for such a photo shoot, complemented by chic jewelry, and a man should wear a formal suit. For filming in a similar style, expensive luxury cars are used, and to emphasize luxury, a driver in a special uniform is sometimes invited.
  • Bonnie and Clyde. These are well-known American swindlers and adventurers, distinguished by courage and fearlessness, as well as a thirst for profit. They are known to have fled the bustle of the city in order to find refuge in the picturesque secluded wilderness. To depict these characters, you will have to pick up the characteristic berets, hats and revolvers of that time. As for the optimal location, there can be many options in this regard. A scattering of golden ears, and a quiet place on the lake, and a forest will do. The main thing is to depict in the photo the love and warmth of the relationship between the participants. After all, Bonnie and Clyde were truly in love.
  • A romantic image with a car will suit everyone. This, one might say, is a universal option for a photo shoot of a couple with a car. Clothing can be chosen according to personal preferences. The main thing is to avoid pomp, excessive severity and, of course, slovenliness.