Photoshoot with a car

One of the most popular and sought-after ideas for professional photography is a photo shoot with a car. After all, this four-wheeled props attracts attention not only from amateur motorists, but also from ordinary people who want to get cool pictures from shooting. At the same time, a variety of cars are suitable for photo shoots: rare cars, stylish sports cars or powerful SUVs – all of them can be used for photo shoots, depending on the plot and the chosen image.

The good thing about car photo shoots is that it’s very easy to choose the right car these days. And even if none of your friends or acquaintances is the happy owner of the desired model, you can simply rent it.

Well, the result …. can justify all expectations. Models photographed in front of a car can be anything: strong and businesslike, gentle and seductive, or stylish and daring. Here everything depends on the desires of the model and the chosen image. The main thing is to carefully prepare for the shooting, choosing the appropriate clothes, hair and makeup. And then the matter will remain small.

Preparing for a photo shoot with a car

Photo shoots with a car are very popular and can be organized both for one person (girl or guy) and for a company (couple, honeymooners, friends). But regardless of the number of participants, you should carefully prepare for photography. How?

The car you choose must be well maintained and pre-washed inside and out. It is also worth paying attention to the serviceability of the machine and the presence of fuel in the tank. This is necessary so that technical problems do not interfere with the normal conduct of the photo session and do not spoil your mood at the most important moments.
For a photo shoot, you need to choose an image. At the same time, remember that you can use a variety of stories, for example, from your favorite films, borrowed from the Internet, or invented on your own.
Beautiful makeup and clothes are the key to a successful photo shoot. But when choosing them, it is worth relying on the chosen plot, to which everything must correspond. For example, light-colored clothing is well suited for a rustic photo shoot against the backdrop of summer nature, while a retro look goes well with a vintage-style car.

Poses for a photo shoot of a girl with a car

And now we suggest you get acquainted with the options for the most successful poses that will help you get eye-catching pictures. So, the most popular, successful and, one might say, universal are the following poses:

In the back seat of a car with pets.
Behind the wheel. This is the classic version. But here the main thing is to correctly take a pose and provide a winning background. The doors of the car should be opened, the back should be slightly bent, the arms should be straightened, and the legs should be slightly bent at the knees. In this case, one foot can be placed on the pedal, as if the model is ready to move.
Simulating getting out of the car. Place one foot on the floor and place your hand on the door handle.
Behind the driver’s seat. You can also get a good shot while driving. But not as a driver who is about to start, but leaning back against him and holding one hand behind his head and the other along the body on his stomach. In this case, it is better to place your legs behind the seat, and take a photo through an open door.

The main rules for a photo shoot with a car are relaxed, natural poses and beautiful, smooth body curves. This is one of the main components of the success of photography.

About male photo shoots with a car

Most people cannot imagine life without a car, and for many it is not just a means of transportation, but a full member of the family. By the type of transport, one can judge the character and wealth of its owner. Therefore, the image and clothing chosen for shooting must also match the style of the selected car.

In photographs next to cars, men usually stand confidently on their feet, arms crossed over their chests, trying to emphasize their status and confidence. At the same time, models often use additional props in the form of, for example, cigars, guitars, a skateboard or a ball, and other primordially masculine accessories.

Having decided on the image, pick up clothes that can emphasize the plot and idea. It could be:

  • jeans and leather jacket;
  • business suit;
  • a simple shirt, light-colored trousers or tracksuit;
  • shorts with a T-shirt;
  • thematic clothing corresponding to the plot (if it requires it).

Now a little about posing. So, during a photo shoot with a car, men can take the following poses:
Straighten your shoulders, look confidently into the camera or look away with your hands in your pockets. At the same time, remember that the posture you have adopted should be simple and natural.
While driving a car, look in the direction of the road or take it slightly to the side (do not look at the camera).
Standing next to the car and putting his hand on the roof. In this case, you should not look at the camera again. it is better to look away from it or in the direction of the road.
Sitting on the hood or next to the car. This is a win-win. You can sit down any way you like.