A few years ago, few people could have imagined the future we now find ourselves in: moving around using a QR code, mandatory wearing of masks, working and studying remotely, hyperinflation, and much more. But along with these limitations (and disappointments), new opportunities appear in our world.

During this time, the shares of many technology companies have grown several times, the blockchain economy sector and technologies related to cryptocurrencies are developing. The first prototypes of the metauniverses appear. The rapid development of artificial intelligence, personal robots, drones – it’s hard to believe, but all this is already our reality.

Where are we going, you ask?

It’s simple – our publication, in partnership with leading Russian technology and photography companies, has launched a project to create the largest photo work in the world, where each participant will be able to perpetuate himself, his loved ones and take part in the creation of the first virtual photo galleries that will be presented in the metaverses.

Four months have passed since the launch of the project, and tens of thousands of people have joined us. To date, we have collected almost 10% of the final volume of photographs, the size of which will be one trillion pixels! The printed version of the photo will be the size of a football field.

In this article, we present you photos of the participants on the theme of nature. These images have already become part of the future creative heritage and have acquired documentary value for future generations.


Not all people think about what will remain after them in this world. Remember the famous song of the DDT group – “That’s all …” with the words “This is all that remains after me”? So, have you ever thought about this question? But the deeper technology penetrates our society, the fewer people will be destined to leave their mark on history.

Machines will gradually replace all the main professions, people will go into virtual reality or live in isolation – all this no longer looks like a distant fantasy. And only creative people will continue to create something new, since algorithms are not capable of this, except in cases with a combination of ready-made options.

Today we present you the photographs that have become part of the TeraPix.Art project – the largest photograph in the world, which is created in Russia. This work will have a resolution of one trillion pixels and a print the size of a football field. And since it will consist of hundreds of thousands of photographs, each author of photography will be able to take part in its creation, receiving a lifetime place in the gallery and becoming part of the history of modern photography.


Today we want to present you the largest digital photographic works in the world. Often, these works take months or even years to complete. It all starts with an idea, then the implementation method, location and technique are chosen.

The shooting process itself takes several days, after which the most interesting part begins – post-processing. Thousands of pictures are combined into one photographic work using special software. The resulting result is laid out in special online galleries, where users can travel through the picture.

Looking ahead a little, let’s say that our compatriots decided to set a new world record, while completely changing the concept of prefabricated panoramas. More on that at the end, but for now, here are the leaders.