Photo shoot with flowers

Ideas and the most winning angles when shooting with bouquets

Fresh flowers are perfect for photo shoots. Yes, and girls love to post selfies on social networks immediately after receiving a gorgeous bouquet. In this article, we will tell you how to take a photo with flowers, which will cause a storm of positive emotions in your followers or friends, and will also be a great addition to your photo collection.

How to take beautiful photos with a bouquet of flowers

First of all, you need to decide on the image for shooting. It can be romantic and gentle, executed in pastel colors, sexy, fun and spontaneous.

If you choose the first option, then wild flowers are the most suitable for photography. It can be daisies, lilies of the valley, cornflowers or, for example, snowdrops. If you decide to appear in the frame in a passionate way, then it is better to use roses or peonies during the photo shoot. Multi-colored chrysanthemums, lilies, daffodils or white tulips will make the photo session more unusual, because such flowers are rarely used for photography.

Once you have decided on the colors, you should choose the perfect look, including makeup, hair, clothing and accessories. Since the main focus should be on the bouquet, don’t wear flashy makeup or frilly clothing. But here, too, everything is individual.

It is also worth paying attention to the choice of interior elements: you should use soft colors, and even better, choose an environment that matches the colors. Thus, the overall picture will look whole and harmonious.

A few practical tips for a photo shoot in flowers for models and novice photographers

Every girl planning to take part in a photo session with flowers should not only know how to take beautiful photos and strike a winning pose, but also apply simple tips and tricks from makeup artists, stylists and professional photographers. Here are some basic tips for creating the perfect photo:

  • Do not use too much glitter in makeup, it is better to give preference to matte shadows and light powder.
  • Let your bouquet be very beautiful, you still should not make it the central object in the frame, because such is the model. Try to take a pose in which the flowers will not come to the fore.
  • Excellent options are poses in which the model sits on the couch or lies on the floor, clutching a chic bouquet to her chest.
  • If a photo session with flowers is held on the street, then the variety of poses increases even more. With a bouquet, you can walk, lie on the grass, imitate the enjoyment of the smell or appearance of flowers.
  • Before starting the photography process, girls should practice their facial expressions and postures in front of a mirror in order to choose the most suitable options.

Also, don’t try too hard to fake a smile! Just think about something pleasant while looking at the camera during a photo session, and the effect will not keep you waiting. Remember that naturalness is important in the frame.

Here are some tips for inexperienced photographers:

  • When photographing with flowers in a photo studio, it is best to use natural light. It should be intense and diffused. And to illuminate dark areas, you can use white or gold reflective sheets.
  • By increasing the focus of the camera, you can get a cool effect in which the background of the picture is blurred, while the central subject remains in focus.
  • If the weather conditions are bad, such as a strong wind blowing, photograph the girl with the slowest shutter speed possible. This will help avoid blurring.

How to take a beautiful picture of a bouquet of roses

Roses are amazing flowers that enchant with their beauty and sophistication almost every girl and woman. They are perfect for any holiday or occasion! These flowers can be given to most girls, and they will definitely not remain indifferent.

If you choose roses for a photo shoot, your image will be a great addition, as these flower plants have a unique tenderness and exquisite beauty. And now we will tell you how to take a photo at home with a bouquet of roses and create a unique image for the model.

First of all, you need to decide on the color of the rose: they can be of the same shade or combined. This is necessary for a more thorough and correct choice of the image of the girl. Roses emphasize the beauty of the model, and also pleases her, so you need to choose a color that will not only suit the girl perfectly, but also please her. Remember that for a good photo you need bright emotions and sparkle in the eyes.

If you choose red roses, then they are more suitable for a rock or nude look. If the choice falls on pink flowers, then the girl will look more tender and romantic in the photo. Yellow and other bright shades will bring originality and originality to the picture, because roses of such colors are much less common.

Photos with rose petals are no less popular. They can be tossed up, laid out near the model or on the hair (if they are long), complement the image with them during a photo shoot in the bathroom. Another winning and very effective idea is a photo session of a naked model on the floor, covered with fresh rose petals. The main thing is, when using such an image, do not make the photo too defiant and frank: everything should be in moderation.