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I want to start my Moroccan stories from the city of Essaouira. This is my favorite city in Morocco, my personal place of power. What’s so special, you ask? Don’t know. But every time I come to Morocco, I simply have to come here – there is something very attractive for me personally.

These colors of the city, faded under the scorching sun and weathered by the constant strong winds that blow here always and in all directions (by the way, this is why the place is very fond of surfers). These blue boats of fishermen – at night they go to sea, and in the morning a huge fish market is already buzzing. The freshest fish is immediately butchered and fried in front of you, you can eat it right there, sitting on the pier overlooking the ocean.

I love countless screaming seagulls. These birds are so arrogant that they will try to steal your food right out of your hands! And the local cats, who live here in no less huge numbers, are afraid to fight with them for food – the outcome of the battle will clearly not be in favor of the cats. I will make a separate essay about local gulls and cats – they are worth it!

The old name of Essuera comes from the Portuguese language and sounds like Mogador. The city was founded as a free port and sea pirates found their refuge in it. The fact that the city was an impregnable sea fortress is now reminiscent of a bastion with cannons. It is open to the public and is one of the favorite places for tourists to walk. From the walls of the bastion, a beautiful view of the Medina, the city itself, as well as the fishing port with its blue boats and the fish market, where trading life is seething, opens up.

Of course, the heart of any Moroccan city is the Medina. In the labyrinths of narrow ancient streets, life is in full swing. Somewhere they invite you to shops selling tourist consumer goods. Somewhere they offer a bite to eat couscous. Somewhere they tempt with sweets and tea. It has its own life and its foundations.

In the evening, Moroccan families go to the beach, and to the promenade along the beach. This is how they pass the day. Sunsets in Morocco are worth a separate essay. Their beauty is incredible!

Everything is different here – colors, smells, the passage of time. It’s hard not to fall in love with this world. Maybe not right away – everything else hurts. But when love happens, it’s forever. And on cold snowy nights you will all dream about it.